Mallory Daughety


Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Mallory Daughety


“Change is possible, but what works for clients is incredibly individual. I focus strongly on collaborating with clients to explore new ways to approach their old problems and encourage growing understanding of themselves and the world around them.”

“I use mainly narrative therapy to understand the context of clients’ problems and then pull from various therapeutic models to find solutions that work best for reframing those problems and changing behaviors related to them. It’s important to me that the therapy I provide is helpful and as unique as the individuals that walk through my door.”


  • Young Adults
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Anxiety & Depression

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Science in Family Life, BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY (2020).

Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, EAST CAROLINA UNIVERSITY (2023).

Mallory is originally from New Bern, North Carolina and does, in fact, miss the beach whenever she is in Utah.

Mallory has a long standing history of family members with mental illness and has been involved with many individuals and volunteer work of the LGBTQIA+ community and the struggles of mental health the population deals with. Mallory is passionate about gender and sexuality affirming care, particularly in religious youth or families that may struggle with acceptance of LGBTQIA+ identities. Mallory also has a combined 4+ years of experience volunteering with organizations such as NAMI, Encircle Provo, and the Crisis Hotline providing assistance with both chronic and crisis moments of mental illness for people of all ages.

Mallory identifies as a narrative therapist but also uses intervention tools from SFBT, Bowen, ACT, CBT, and EFT to meet clients where they are at with tools that suit their needs and modes of thought. Mallory originally went to school for art and enjoys using various creative approaches and art therapy techniques to process emotions and trauma with clients when it is helpful to do so.

When not being Therapist Mallory; Normal Mallory enjoys doing a long list of various and fulfilling activities. Among these are going to the movies, hanging out with her friends, singing loudly and badly in the car, baking, video games, weight lifting, and art.

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