Is your marriage suffering from ongoing conflict or lack of communication? Has there been a breach in trust that has led you to question your partner’s commitment to the relationship? Are you struggling to agree with your spouse’s approaches to parenting?

Perhaps you have been married for a while but feel your needs are no longer being met in the relationship. You may have come to a crossroads in your relationship that has resulted in conflict, confusion, and/or miscommunication. It’s also possible that, given our proximity to Hill Air Force Base, you are part of a military family and your marriage is struggling with the many pressures associated with an active duty lifestyle.

Whatever the case may be, relationship issues greatly impact each partner’s ability to feel happy and understood. Regardless of your age, marital status, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs, finding common ground with your significant other is essential for maintaining the well-being of your relationship—and your mental health. And it is possible to re-establish trust and connection when you start marriage counseling or consult with experienced marriage and family therapists.


While the issues that adversely impact couples are common and widespread, there can be a lot of shame around verbalizing marital problems and asking for help. We all feel inclined to keep up with appearances, but in a culture such as ours, there is a particular drive to meet the expectations of the community.

Issues like pornography or sex addiction, though prevalent in our society, are nevertheless considered taboo and thus difficult to confront. Often, in religious communities, these addictions may be experienced as a betrayal of the relationship—an act of infidelity itself. And because of the discrete nature of these behaviors, it only adds to the feelings of secrecy and distrust that diminish the sense of security in a relationship. Unfortunately, couples struggling with these and other issues don’t know where to turn for a safe space to discuss their challenges. Don’t let shame hold you back from seeking the advice of a skilled, licensed marriage counselor.

Shame does so much damage to ourselves and our relationships. Besides creating uncomfortable feelings of guilt, shame prevents us from seeking the perspective and guidance of someone who understands the brain’s psychology and is expertly trained to mediate conflict. Couples and marriage counseling works and is precisely the place where long-term solutions can be found for the common problems experienced in long-term relationships.



The journey of healing begins in a safe space where you can feel free to explore your desires and needs. Counseling, including marital and premarital counseling, allows you to uncover deep emotional wounds that may have occurred in the relationship or earlier in life. And a couples therapist or marriage counselor can empower you to find security by collaborating with you and your partner to find resolutions to challenges you face as a couple.

Our therapists will begin your time in session by creating a warm and open environment that will cultivate honesty and vulnerability. From there, we will discuss the history of your marriage or relationship and identify the goals you have for counseling. If spiritual or religious guidance is needed, we have a team of couples and marriage counselors who share such values and are prepared to offer insight. In tailoring sessions to fit your needs, we will be more likely to develop the unique solutions required for repairing your partnership.

Oftentimes, in couples and marriage therapy, we find that communication disparities and unresolved conflicts are at the core of relationship tensions. By examining the communication issues and behaviors specific to each couple, your counselor will be able to provide perspective on patterns that are healthy and show you how to positively change those that are not. If more clarity is required by looking into childhood experiences and traumas that extend beyond the relationship, our counselors are prepared to provide insight into how past obstacles may be impacting behaviors in your marriage or relationship now.

Using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), our team of therapists promotes the theory that underlying individual emotions are the key to understanding the communication patterns responsible for negative cycles of conflict and misunderstanding. In borrowing from other relationship-oriented methods, like Internal Family Systems (IFS) and John Gottman’s approach to couples counseling, we will be able to assist you in processing emotional injuries so that you can enjoy greater intimacy and connection with your partner.

Having worked with couples for over a decade, we at Carbajal Counseling understand what is necessary for the journey of healing and maintaining a healthy relationship. With the right specialized marriage counselor on your side, the journey of healing becomes more navigable. We have seen that couples counseling including marital and family therapy can help even the most emotionally fraught relationships find harmony, resolution, and common ground. And with an added religious perspective, you and your partner can achieve greater harmony in your shared faith.

If you and your spouse seek counseling and can commit to the process of rediscovering yourselves and each other, you will be amazed at how quickly toxic conflict patterns can transform into healthy, supportive, and loving behaviors.

Perhaps you are considering couples counseling for your marriage or relationship, but you have some concerns…

Why should I invest my time and money in this process?
Marriages or long-term committed relationships are often the most important relationships we have as adults. They can add to or take away from our overall happiness. Creating a lasting and equitable marriage will positively impact your entire life, and counseling can be the avenue for finding sustainable solutions to the problems that you are encountering in your relationships. Investing in this process now will pay off in the form of long-term happiness and understanding.

We offer a variety of payment options, including private pay, clergy-assisted pay, and we accept many forms of insurance. A list of providers can be found on our contact page.

I don’t think there is hope for my marriage or relationship; why bother with counseling?
Relationship challenges can be so exhausting, as they can lead you to feel as though you are bumping up against the same conflict over and over again. However, the outside and unbiased perspective of a therapist can not only provide clarity but also offer meaningful strategies for conflict resolution. While your relationship may be suffering, you and your partner deserve an opportunity for healing. You may find, through counseling, that things are not as hopeless as they seem.
I am interested in seeking therapy for my marriage or relationship, but my partner is not.
The point of couples counseling is to create a safe space for both participants to explore underlying conflicts and emotions. Rather, you will both be treated as equals while we collaborate on finding solutions together.

If you are still receiving pushback from your spouse about attending therapy, let’s work together on strategizing ways to help them view this as a team effort wherein their input and participation are essential for success. We tend to be highly effective in persuading hesitant partners to attend couples counseling, so contact us to see how we can help.


If you are in a marriage or relationship that could use clarity and/or strategies for conflict resolution, couples therapy at Carbajal Counseling can give you the perspective and strategies you and your partner need. We invite you to explore our therapist bios to find out more or call (801)989-3488 to schedule an appointment today.

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