Michelle Atwood


Certified Social Worker

Michelle Atwood


“I believe we all hold the keys inside of us to help us endure or solve our own problems, trials, chaos, unexpected changes, grief, disappointment, or challenges that we face in life. Some problems may seem small, and others will be unimaginable overwhelming. ALL are valid and ALL deserve the attention they need to heal. I want to help you find those keys and unlock those skills deep inside of you. My passion is to help you FIND your inner strength, DISCOVER your self worth, BUILD up your self-esteem and GUIDE you to live your best life.”


  • Children & Adolescents
  • Play Therapy
  • Blended Families
  • Anxiety & Depression

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Science in Social Work, WEBER STATE UNIVERSITY (2020).

Master of Social Work, OUR LADY OF THE LAKE (2023).

Life circumstances can leave us feeling hopeless and overwhelmed! Michelle’s passion is helping others change their perspective from what they thought life was going to be. To acceptance, peace and even finding joy in the new direction their life is taking. She walks with you through these hard times by providing a place of hope, a place of trust and a place where your voice will be heard.

Michelle creates a safe, friendly environment where clients can freely express their feelings without fear of judgement by using many treatment modalities. She specializes in using the Strength Based approach to help clients recognize their self-worth, learn to have self-compassion, find hidden talents, and recognize their positive strengths.

Michelle does Play Therapy and Expression Art to give children/adolescents a safe space to voice their emotions through play, art, movement and Sand Tray therapy. Michelle believes in working with the client in developing a healthy coping strategy action plan. Together they will explore solutions, and the client will learn how to start on the pathway of becoming the best version of themselves.

Michelle loves to go camping, hiking, and exploring the outdoors. She is the queen of Pinterest fails but has so much fun trying. She loves to read, read and read. She has a small garden where everything goes to die but her mini-pumpkins. Michelle’s fibromyalgia caused her to develop permanent full body nerve pain a year ago. She had to practice what she teaches to her clients and developed acceptance of her chronic pain. She found a new way to still do what she loves and was pleasantly surprised to find new hobbies to love during the process.

She loves swimming, hiking in the rain, camping, walking under overcast clouds and for the first time in her life, she welcomes the cold weather. She loves playing card games, night games of hide and seek, and embarrassing her kids by singing loudly in the car to John Denver songs. Her oldest son asked her to go Skydiving with him. It was the scariest parent-child bonding moment for her but surprisingly she loved it!

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