Andrea Lauritzen


Licensed Certified Social Worker


“I believe in empowering the indomitable spirit of individuals to overcome even the most horrific challenges in life. I recognize that, because we are human and live in a world filled with poor choices, illness, and accidents that all of us will feel a little broken at times. This is normal, and can be a beautiful thing. As creative beings we experience life, and process and understand life through play and creativity.”

“Therefore, I use these natural processing techniques as we work together (or play together) through the healing process. Healing is unique and takes as much time as it takes for each individual. This is why I feel it important to work with the client to support them in achieving their short and long-term goals for life in a manner that fits their needs and personality.”


Children Ages 2-11
Play Therapy
Parent & Child Relationships
Women’s Issues
Depression & Anxiety

Education & Experience

Bachelor of Arts in Literature / Child Development, WEBER STATE UNIVERSITY (2002).

Bachelor of Science in Family Studies, WEBER STATE UNIVERSITY (2016).

Master of Social Work, UTAH STATE UNIVERSITY (2018).

Andrea Lauritzen’s clinical experience includes three years as a school counselor/ therapist during her practicum and after graduation; and six months working with foster care, DCFS cases, and Domestic Violence. Andrea also has 26 years working as a Licensed Massage Therapist and CranioSacral Therapist and has seen the value of this in healing work. Her experience also includes 30 years of child care as a Nanny/ Mother’s Helper, Daycare worker, and teacher’s aide. She also served two practicums working at The Center for Grieving Children providing support for children who’ve experienced death and/or divorce.

Because Andrea enjoys working with children and sees the value of play and creativity in the healing process for people of all ages, she has attended multiple conferences and has received several certifications in the following areas: Sandtray (2017), Expressive Arts in Play Therapy (2019), Therapeutic Conversations with Children (2020), StoryPlay Therapy (2019), Treating Traumatized Children (2016), and Supporting Children in Grief (2002, 2016). She has seen the value of these creative processes for children with trauma backgrounds, sibling rivalry, adolescent mental illness, family issues, parent/child insights, and more. Being able to put one’s issues into a physical 2-or 3-Dimensional space or replica can provide a new perspective to old issues which can lead to new solutions. Andrea is Solution-Focused and Client-Focused and believes that each client holds the answers to their own healing if provided with the right support and resources.

In 2019, Andrea completed extensive research on singles and why singles who want to get married aren’t getting married. She found that nearly half of the sample population (641) was missing basic skills (communication, recognition of social cues, etc.) necessary to develop and maintain healthy long-term relationships. She also witnessed a serious deficit of basic social skills in grade-school children while working in the schools. Therefore, Andrea sees the value in providing such skills to people of all ages. She also recognizes the value of working with educators to support children and youth in their school environment, both emotionally and socially, helping them to learn ALL the skills necessary for life.

Andrea is an author and has written several children’s books and teen and adult workbooks to support families, teachers, and therapists begin those important and sometimes difficult, conversations. Each book includes a discussion page for this purpose. She has found that often a story (be it someone else’s or our own that we develop) can be a meaningful way to process hurt and heal.

Outside the office, Andrea enjoys writing, family history, good movies, being with friends and family, her faith, and making a positive difference wherever she can.

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